A little retail therapy does not hurt anyone. Except maybe your dog. That is if they suffer from separation anxiety.

This list of dog-friendly retail chains erases the aforementioned problem. If you feel like shopping, your dog can tag along, too.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn loves dogs. And your dog might love Pottery Barn, too. They might love it too much they could end up breaking a pot or two.


If you do not wish for any awkward scenarios to happen, make sure your dog has been properly and sufficiently obedience-trained.

Hobby Lobby

If you are looking for new ways to bond with your dog and your backyard or the dog park has somehow lost its magic, it’s time to venture out to Hobby Lobby. Here your dog is most definitely welcome. And the two of you can enjoy all sorts of crafting projects. 


Ross is the mecca for budget-conscious shoppers. They sell a wide range of products, from affordable dresses to affordable kitchen supplies. If that’s not enough to make this establishment a must-visit for your next shopping schedule, perhaps their being canine-friendly could seal the deal.

Foot Locker

This sports shop does not discriminate. They welcome both two- and four-legged guests. That means you and your pup can venture into a Foot Locker shop without fuss. 

Tractor Supply Co.

This super shop has all your gardening and farming needs. True to branding, they welcome pets, so long as they visit with their humans of course. This retain chain sells dog supplies too.

Bath and Body Works

Even if your dog does not like bathing, they are still welcome to visit a Bath and Body Works shop. If you ever take your pup into one of this retail chain’s shops, make sure you have total control over them. Remember all those smells can overwhelm your doggo.

Home Depot

Home Depots are gargantuan retail outlets. It’s easy for kids to get lost in a Home Depot store. Same goes for your beloved canine companion, who’s luckily welcome inside the doors of this retail chain. When scouring the aisles of a Home Depot with your pup, make sure to keep a tight hold of their leash. The last thing you want is for your doggo to run amok in a Home Depot due to sensory overload.

Apple Store

Is your iPhone or MacBook in need of an upgrade? Well, it’s time for a quick visit to your nearby Apple Store.

No doggy sitter scheduled to look after your pup? Worry no more. Apple Store is a dog-friendly business. They will generously welcome you and your pup.

Barnes and Noble

Yes, dogs can’t read. But you can and you should. So come visit a Barnes and Noble shop one of these days. Their stores are stocked with titles that run the gamut, including books and novels about dogs. The best part of all this is your dog can tag along with you on your Barnes and Noble visit.

Bass Pro Shops

The business people running Bass Pro Shops are notorious canine lovers. This is why their outlets do not discriminate against pets, specifically of the canine persuasion. Bass Pro Shops even holds a retail day dedicated to dogs, aptly named Dog Day.


Macy’s doors are always ready to receive dogs accompanying their humans in need of retail therapy. The next time your wardrobe needs updating and your dog can’t be left alone, Macy’s should be your go-to retail outlet.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics does not partake in the practice of animal testing which is popular in this industry. This is one reason why consumers have to support this brand. Also, they welcome pets into their shops.





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