There is simply no place in society for bullying. Bullying can be seen outside of school. It can take place in the workplace, the streets or even places of business. But it all starts in school, where poor little boys are being picked on because they do not fight back.

They are not fighting back, and we should applaud these kids for taking the high road. One can never right a wrong with another wrong act. However, despite their wise decision to let bullies bully them, we must remember that they are still kids and teenagers.

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Especially with the rise of social media, how society perceives them is of utmost importance during this stage in their lives. Being a victim of bullying can lead to depression and could develop into something much worse. This is the same case middle schooler Carson was experiencing.

Carson was being bullied at school every day. This took a toll on him and started to go into depression. His parents noticed that he could barely build up the courage to go to school every day. Knowing what kind of torment awaits him, who could blame him?

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His confidence was down, he had no interest in doing anything, and this alarmed Carson’s parents. They figured they needed to do something to bring the old Carson back. They tried talking to the school, and the school also tried to do their part but nothing changed.

One day, Carson’s mother remembered that pet dogs could help boost the confidence of young ones and pet dogs can give them unconditional love. This is the perfect solution for Carson’s depression. He may feel down and unappreciated at school by the bullies,¬†however, when he comes home, there will be a furry friend ready to shower him with love.

Enter the three-legged pup, Zero. This six-month-old puppy was hit by a car in an accident, and one of his legs was amputated. Zero inspires Carson by reminding him that despite all the adversities that the pup had faced, he was still full of life and energy.

Carson sprang back to life once he had Zero by in their home. The pooch served as his inspiration to overcome his own struggles in life. On top of that, their new pup showers him with affection every time he comes home after a long day at school.

See the adorable video telling Zero and Carson’s story below:

Video credit: The Petco Foundation via Youtube



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