If you own a determined-chewer for a dog, it’s definitely a guarantee his toys are not going to last for more than 5 minutes. This is especially true for toys that are made of plush material. However, if you are into quality, durable toys you can keep them for longer periods of time and can easily make them more interactive.

The secret to making them last longer is choosing the right toys and limiting your dog’s access to it. What’s more, limiting your dog’s access to a toy will keep the excitement and fun factor even if you have given them the toy a year ago.

How to Choose the Right Dog Toys

To choose just the right toy, you can be realistic about it. Know what your dog prefers and his characteristics. If you have a chewer, avoid anything that will easily tear such as stuffed toys. Although they are inexpensive, why buy a toy that won’t last? I personally have chosen to buy doggy toys that are made from rubber. They last longer and can withstand a determined dog.

By knowing what preference your dog has, you have better chances of finding a toy that would best fit him.

Don’t Give All-Access to your Dog

By limiting your dog’s access to his toys, you are lowering their chance to destroy their favorite toy. By rotating their access to their toys a few at a time, not only are you preventing any chance of toy destruction but also keeping his toys from becoming boring.

Just like us dogs are excited over new things. But if they have all-access to the same old stuff day after day, it gets boring for them. Studies suggest that dogs are easily bored over a new toy a few minutes after they were given the toy.

To make it more exciting you can try playing with the toys. This makes their toy more interactive and dogs find the toys more valuable and fun.

Interactive Games: Play With your Dog

Playing is known to give your dog’s life more meaning. It enhances their quality of life, it affects his behavior and how he interacts with you. What’s more, playing with your dog gives you a ton of benefits. It is a good exercise for both of you, increases the bond with your dog, relieves stress, and teaches your dog good manners.

Furthermore, playing with your dog prevents him from getting bored which usually leads to the development of behavioral issues.

You Can Make Your Own Toys and Save Money

If you don’t want to be spending money to buy your dog a new toy, you can have the option to be creative. You can create toys that are made from durable materials such as old shirts or empty plastic container. They are found all over your home.dog 

It’s all about creativeness. Your dog will definitely love a new toy much more if you play with them. Not only are you making their toys lasts longer, but is also a good way to be trim and healthy for both you and your dog.


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