If your canine friend is no longer a puppy, take the initiative to ensure that they no longer have any bathroom problems.

You went to work only to find that your dog peed on the living room carpet while you were gone. You step in only for the pooch to tinkle on your shoes. It’s such a disgusting experience. This is a sure indicator that your dog has a potty issue.

It’s very gross and frustrating. Lucky you, now that we’ve got you covered. We have a solution to these kinds of house training problems.

Is your puppy potty trained?

This should be a rule of the thumb. Understand that your puppy is supposed to hold for the same number of hours as its age in months.

If it’s 3-month old, it can hold it for about 3 hours. However, this does not always apply. It’s advisable to take the puppy outside every now and then. Also, make sure that you supervise the puppy every time he’s outside.

Does your dog pee when there are visitors at the door

Female dogs have a tendency to urinate if they hear the doorbell. This is often a sign of excitement or submission. In some cases, you’ll need to inform your visitors to ignore the dog so that you can mitigate this behavior. Another great idea is to take your dog to the bathroom before the visitors arrive.

Indoor accidents

If your housetrained dog is having accidents, it can be very frustrating. But there’s a solution to this problem. Just make a point of consulting with the veterinary so that they can recommend an appropriate course of action.

There are some health conditions and urinary tract infections that can make it hard for your dog to hold it. If you have rule-out the medical conditions, you’ll need to thoroughly scrub your floor. If the poop accident happens on the carpet, then make a point of using an odor remover.

Also, consider the amount of time that you leave your dog at home. If you know that you’ll take a longer time, you need to look for a dog daycare facility or dog walker.

Does your dog pee on your indoor plants?

If you notice that your dog is peeing on the indoor plants, understand that this is called marking. It’s therefore not strange to observe some dogs bringing the behavior indoors.

This usually happens with dogs that are intact. This behavior can be solved by having your dog neutered or spayed. This behavior is sometimes caused by emotional stress.

You can also acclimate your dog to new situations in a compassionate and slow manner so that it reduces the urge to mark.

Some dogs won’t potty while it’s raining

If you notice that your dog has a problem going outside while it’s raining, you need to use positive reinforcement. This will help the dog to carry out its business in the rain. You can use treats to entice your dog to go outside and do the potty.


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