Your dog doesn’t just need physical exercise to get by; most of the time your dog also needs some mental form of exercise to stimulate their brain. Brain games are a fun way of training your dog; this will give your dog something meaningful to do and will decrease their boredom, in turn reducing the chances of them developing behavioral issues like excessive barking or chewing. Here are some ways to give your dog more mental stimulation.

Make Your Dog Work For Their Food

Most of the time, dogs have it easy when they eat their meals. They just wait for food to drop down their bowls and eat the dog food away with almost minimal effort. This isn’t really bad, but this is not how their natural hunting instincts suggest they should be doing. You can adjust your dog’s feeding routine in a way that it can provide more mental stimulation. Rather than just directly giving your dog their dog food, you can turn his feeding time into a game you can both enjoy.

You can use different food dispensing toys such as Bob-A-Lot or Kong Wobler. This lets his feeding sessions more interesting and fun, you just place the food in the toy and your dog will need to roll it around in order to get the food and eat it.

Letting your Dog Sniff out Things and Explore during a Walk

Going out for a walk might be one of the best parts of your dog’s day. During this typical walk with your dog, you can give him some mental stimulation by letting him sniff around the area you’re walking. Walking may be a good form of exercise for your dog but it’s also a great chance for them to explore around. Even if you’ve walked the same path over and over again, that doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing new can be checked out by your dog during your walks.

If you don’t find if comfortable that your dog is leading the way on your walks, you can try to pick an area that you can consider as safe for them to sniff and let them explore the place for a while. This will let your dog spend more energy than just plainly walking that same old path.

Give Your Dog a Puzzle

A great way to keep your dog busy and intrigued is by the use of puzzle toys. These kinds of interactive toys are a fun way to improve your dog’s focus. Making your dog solve these puzzle toys can be very helpful for your dog, playing with these toys is an interesting way to alleviate your dog’s boredom, thus reducing the chances of them developing problematic behaviors.

Puzzle toys are amazing for your dog because it lets them use their latent problem-solving skills. This can also help your dog boost their confidence and train their mental capacities.

Providing mental stimulation for your dog is crucial for their overall development and well-being, so what brain game are you going to try for your dog?


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