A smile can heal the deepest blues within most persons, but a smile brought by a cute little innocent being brings a smile on a whole other level. No matter how furry they get or how naughty they become, our pet dogs heal us more than any medicine could ever do.

Inside a family home, having an innocent and loyal companion can be a perfect breathing period after a long day of work for the parents or an exhausting day for the children after school. The sound of the dogs as they bark at you in recognition that it’s alright and you are already home. These little things may not literally take your exhaustion away, but doesn’t these memories just make you realize that you are loved?

Our dogs may not heal us in a literal sense in case we have diseases but there are times that this might just be the case. The dog is literally the cure. Tyler, an eight-year-old boy from the UK suffers from autism. He suffers from sensory issues that make him flee every time a place gets too noisy or too crowded.

He had an impaired social life because of the complications brought about by his illness. He was helpless until a wonder came into his life, an assistance dog named Denby. The boy, who rarely even comes out, would play outside now with his pal and will freely walk around outside without his usual fleeing issues because of his attention tethered to Denby. He can now go with his mom to stores and restaurants which they can seldom do before. Each time Ty tries to bolt, Denby would tether him into place. If the dog could talk, maybe he’s telling Ty, “Don’t go. I’m here and everything will be fine.” Things started to work out from that point onward not just for Tyler but for his family, too.

Not all families may have an autistic child within their homes but who knows what internal struggle happens within each member of the household? Each of us can be sick in our own sad ways but there is a solution from that. There will be a point in all our lives when the problems just felt too much for us to carry alone. Maybe, all we need is to give love to our own beloved Denby and he’ll give back the love ten times more. The same love in the form of a playful lick on your feet or a gentle scratch on your toe, rest assured that our dog will do its own best way of making us feel loved.

Never make it a reason that you are too tired to have time to cuddle with your pet. Maybe he’s just waiting for you so that he shows his love back. Your dog holds the medicine to your blues. Pat him in the back. Make him smile, and you’ll get a smile bigger than he has.


Dogs cannot talk, but their smiles can. Let those smiles heal you.


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