Bringing your beloved pet for your planned vacation can be very fun; there are a lot of planes that allow you to bring your dog with you on your travels, with the right guidelines of course, with this they won’t be stuck in uncomfortably on the cargo of the plane. But flying on a plane can cause your dog to feel some sort of discomfort. Do not worry, here are some tips to help you handle your dog while you’re on the plane.

  1. Try to make your dog be familiar inside the carrier

Airplanes that permit dogs to be inside the cabins usually request them to be put in carriers. Different airlines may have different rules regarding this but generally, carriers have to be at a particular size and should be built with the right materials. You should make sure that your dog is already used in being inside a carrier before you ride the plane. This will make your dog not only feel familiar inside the plane, but this will also make your dog a lot more comfortable inside the carrier when they’ve already had their smell inside. You can use the carrier weeks before you travel on the plane, you can have it on your car and take your dogs on rides.

  1. Make Sure to Pack the Things Your Dog Needs

You may need a number of things for your dog during your air travels. It will be such a hassle to find out you forgot something when you’re already boarded on the plane. Here are some items you may need for your dog for your travel:

  1. Their leash
  2. Emergency doggie bag
  3. Dog food or treats
  4. Dog Pads when your dog needs to go to the bathroom
  5. Traveling medications like anti-nausea or anti-anxiety
  6. A portable bowl for your dog to drink from
  7. Your dog’s health certificate from your recent veterinarian and some vaccines.

You should try to place all your dog’s needs in one bag so it can be easily accessible when the time you need them arrives.

  1. Things to do before take off

Before the airplane takes off, there are many things that you should consider for your dog. Your dog might suddenly have the urge to go to the bathroom so it will be great to let them eat long before you board the plane, with this they can have enough time to use the bathroom after they eat.

You should also constantly play with your dog for a long time before you arrive at the airport. The environment inside the airport can make your dog very nervous because of a large number of people walking around. It will be helpful to try and tire him out so that he’ll eventually take a nap when you board the plane.

Visiting your veterinarian before you plan on riding a plane should be also necessary. Your dog’s health is always a priority


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